Our Mission


Options Pregnancy Centre offers free and confidential support to young women, young men, and families as they navigate unplanned pregnancy. Our vision is to care specifically for the whole woman: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It is also to recognize
the role fathers and families play within the reality of unplanned pregnancy.


A three tiered holistic approach empowers each woman to understand her personal value, to make informed decisions about her sexual and reproductive health, and to meet the needs of her family through personal development. 

Our services are listed below each sector of focus, and further defined below..


Tier 1: Education and Prevention Initiatives

Options is committed to investing in youth before difficult circumstances arise through mentorship, personal goal setting, and sexual education workshops. We believe in empowering youth to pursue self-respect and personal integrity. The past does not need to define the future. There is hope and a way through every circumstance.

  • Personal self-worth and healthy relationship teaching

  • Sexual education workshops

  • Pre-teen/teen sex-ed offered in schools ( in partnership )

  • In-house STI testing, and more



Tier 2: Pregnancy Options Information

Trained staff and volunteers walk alongside women and their families during those first few days and weeks of an unplanned pregnancy, equipping them with information, resources, and tools that allow for crucial decisions to be made in confidence and clarity.

  • Free pregnancy testing

  • Personalized support

  • Pregnancy options information / exploration

  • Mediation between family members or others and client


Tier 3: Ongoing Care and Support

A personalized approach allows support to be offered where needed. This can include:.

  • In-house mental health support with our nurse

  • Tailored prenatal education & lactation support

  • Post-abortive support

  • Free baby and maternity items available through our “ARK” boutique

  • Birth-Family support through the adoption process during and after pregnancy

  • Life-skills and family management training

  • Mom and tot groups

  • Mentor Mom and Dad opportunities

  • Referral to government and community resources




Holistic care- tailored to you!


the ARK boutique

Free baby and maternity items


Pregnancy Testing

Free pregnancy tests for your convienience


Education + Prevention

Programs designed to empower and equip


Pregnancy Options

Info + options + support


Mentor Moms + Dads

Seasoned parent + Newbie opportunities



Parenting or practical, encouraging growth

pexels-photo-698877 (1).jpeg

Mom + Tot Hangout

Weekly playgroup for mom + baby


Pregnancy Mediation

Mediation between family members or others and client


Post-Abortion Support

For those who have emotional difficulties after abortion


Baby Care Workshops

Baby and maternity care, lactation support & more


Prenatal Classes

Custom class tailored to teen pregnancy


Community Resources

Referrals and connection to the services needed